• A Registered Dietitian (RD) is a food, nutrition and eating behavior expert. A Registered Dietitian has successfully accomplished the following:
  • Graduate with a bachelor’s degree from an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) accredited university or college food science and dietetics program.
  • Complete an internship at an AND accredited supervised practice program (typically 9-12 months).
  • Pass a national exam administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR).
  • Design, submit and maintain a Professional Development Portfolio approved by the CDR.
  • Complete 75 continuing education credit hours every five years.

Maintain state licensure (In South Carolina, the State of South Carolina Board of Dietetics).

For complete information visit The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

(Sara Gail, RD, LD, CLT)

RD – Registered Dietitian

LD – Licensed Dietitian (State of SC)

CLT – Certified LEAP Therapist



  • Actual expert in nutrition
  • Provides science-based evidence to clients/patients


  • Bachelors Degree in Dietetics including courses in Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Completion of Dietetic Internship
  • Passed national RD exam
  • Completes continuing education credits


  • Registered with the Commission of Dietetics Registration
  • Licensed in one’s individual state to practice.



  • Self-proclaimed expert in nutrition


  • None required


  • None
  • Not legally accepted as a nutrition expert

A Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT) is a specialist in Non-IgE Food Sensitivity Treatment and Therapy. They use the LEAP elimination diet, based on the MRT test results and client history, to build the most effective anti-inflammatory elimination diet.  For more information visit:

Unfortunately, insurance itself is a full time job and in order to devote my time and attention to each client, I do not bill insurance.  However, if you would like to use your insurance, I can provide you with a “super bill” with all of the necessary documentation and codes to file your own claims to your insurance company. Many insurance plans will reimburse for nutrition consults provided by a Registered Dietitian. Clients are responsible for payment at the time of the appointment.

The traditional dietitian has been known to instruct clients to count calories and limit fat.  This approach is outdated, incorrect, and ineffective. It leaves you hungry, stressed, and does not promote a healthy relationship with food.

My approach to nutrition is based on whole foods, gut health, and personalized eating plans based on each individual’s preferences and needs.  The latest research has shown that fat does not make you fat.  It is sugar that makes you fat! I can assure you that when you follow my nutrition advice you will begin to see results within the first few days.  Food sensitivity testing is an excellent way to customize your eating plan.

Yes, I offer phone/FaceTime consultations. Please click on Fees for more information.

To schedule an initial consultation with Sara, please use the scheduling link on the website. Alternatively, you may contact Sara directly to set up an appointment.  Initial consultations are 90 minutes.

Prior to our initial consultation, you will fill out a health history form, nutritional questionnaire, and a 2-day food journal.

At our first session we will discuss in detail your medical history, pertinent lab values, health concerns and review your current diet and food preferences. I will perform a biometric screening which includes: Height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, body fat %, skeletal muscle %, and visceral fat risk score.  Once I feel that I have sufficient information, we will discuss the proper nutritional protocol to support your needs.  We will set goals together and create an action plan that will allow you to get started immediately.