“Sara, you were a breath of fresh air, so helpful and knowledgeable about clean, healthy lifestyles! We learned so much today from you! Your approach made us both so comfortable. Thank you! My daughter came home and made low carb pancakes that she looked up, and cooked herself. She has both new apps on her phone, as do I! We are excited to see what this month brings for our family as we begin to make some changes.

I plan to pass your name along to my friends who also desire a healthier walk…you are so good at what you do!”

- Christy (Summerville, SC)

“While navigating tricky dietary issues, I struggled to balance conflicting information from the internet and a lack of knowledge from my own doctors. Sara Gail provided a clear and coherent path to follow.

Not only did she have recommendations for specific remedies, foods and supplements, but she also shared links to documented research in these areas, she gave me recipes to follow and lists of foods to avoid and to consume; including products to support my healthy lifestyle.

Although we communicated long distance via phone and email, Sara was prompt in her responses to my queries, instrumental in clarifying priorities and extremely supportive in distributing her guidance. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their quality of life.”

- Sarah (Victor, ID)

“Sara is a delight to work with and I love the kombucha. I have definitely experienced the benefits of a healthy gut with an overall glow in my skin and best of all a more balanced digestive system. Addicted.”

- Ann (Charleston, SC)

“I have to say that I have never known anyone that researches food and their scientific effect on the body quite like Sara! She is amazing.”

- Carolyn (Mt. Pleasant, SC)

“Not only does Sara provide excellent products, she also provides amazing customer service! My husband, my boys, and myself enjoy our daily dose of elderberry syrup, and kombucha! Thank you, Sara!”

- Keiarra (Charleston, SC)

“She is awesome. Very easy to talk to. Highly recommend Sara!”

- Dina (Daniel Island, SC)

I’ve been taking the Elderberry 4 times per day since Tuesday. I feel so much better. Sore throat is just about gone. Usually when I get sick it starts in my throat and ends up turning into a sinus infection or bronchitis. Not this time. I think I caught it with your help. So thank you very much. I’m going to continue my 4 doses for another day or two and then maybe a dose a day just to be sure. I appreciate your quick response to my message the other day. I feel very lucky to have you so close by on DI. Happy Summer and thanks again!

- Gina (Daniel Island, SC)

“Sara is a great Registered Dietitian. Love her products and love her. She works with you and your lifestyle to make better food choices and make significant changes that you can live with.”

- Eileen (Daniel Island, SC)

“Elderberry syrup is amazing! It works to build up my immune system. My household and I use it when we’re sick. My husband had an annoying cough, he took this and it stopped! Great product.”

- Bridget (Charleston, SC)

“Sara is simply awesome! So kind and real. Offers nothing but sound, effective advice and always backed by science and common sense. Love her and all that she does to keep us healthy from the inside out!”

- S. Hester (Daniel Island, SC)

“I wanted to tell you that I walked away from our time together, feeling very empowered and self-confident, that I now have some real definitive tools (the book you gave me is very helpful) and a better understanding of what’s going on in my body and how, through the right types of food and quantity and when I eat them, I have the power to heal my body. Thank you so much and thank you for not rushing me through and taking the extra time we needed.”

- Pamela (Charleston, SC)